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Housing Programs 

Vision Hope Center has 4 homes in different locations throughout Snohomish County.  


Our Programs freely provide personalized care, mentorship through Recovery Coaching, and guidance with Peer to Peer Counseling for each client.  

Our goal is to help families and individuals develop positive social skills, secure employment and independent housing, continue in their education and personal growth, and engage in healthy community.

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Vision Hope Center provides a FREE "Mens Only"  6 month residential program designed to support men who are overcoming life-controlling issues, and recovering from drug and alcohol addictions, depression, and abuse.


This program is structured to eliminate distractions so that participants can focus on building a healthy foundation to rebuild their lives. Food, housing, education, and mentorship, are all provided free of charge.

Program for Men:  (425) 512-9905

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 Vision Hope Centers Transitional Housing Program is designed to help Men and Women  successfully transition into independent living.


This supportive program enables individuals to develop and execute an exit strategy upon leaving our Program, through job training and interviewing, sober living, and counseling.

Phone:  (425) 512-9905

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